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Baby Blanket - Rainbow

Baby Blanket - Rainbow

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Baby Blanket - Speckles

Baby Blanket - Speckles

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50% of profits help bubs in need

Good Bubs is a social enterprise, creating and selling baby blankets and burps cloths and donating 50% of the profits to help babies in need in Australia and around the world.

Our products are designed in Australia, ethically produced, and made from sustainable and naturally pesticide-free, super-soft bamboo.

How we make a difference

  • 50% of profits donated

    Millions of babies around the world are born without a fair start in life. We donate at least 50% of our profits to organisations supporting babies and young children. We focus on four outcome areas that are critical in delivering long term impact and are supported by a strong body of evidence: nutrition, protection from harm, sanitation, and early learning opportunities.

  • Ethically produced

    All our products are ethically produced. Our suppliers are required to meet international ethical standards and are assessed by an independent ethical audit company. These standards include (among others): no child labour, no forced labour, safe and hygienic working conditions, fair working hours, minimum wages paid.

  • Commitment to sustainability

    We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of production and distribution of our products. Products in our launch collection are made primarily of natural fabrics and we keep our packaging to a minimum. We continue to seek ways of reducing use of plastic throughout our supply chain.

A HUGE thank you to our founding supporters!

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